Money Talks – but Book ‘n Save brings Business to your office

            Nothing beats a well-designed promotion to drive your business to new heights.  Consumers rely on promotions when choosing a business for services or products.  It’s amazing to know that over 60% of patients search the web for a coupon before booking a service.    

             Book 'n Save promotions should be part of your online marketing strategy.  If you have not yet used Book 'n Save, then reconsider; over 72% of Internet users prefer booking an appointment when a coupon or discount is offered.  Service providers who use Book 'n Save can dramatically impact the effectiveness of existing marketing efforts by increasing the number of people who are redirected to booking an appointment from your website, emails, social media and blog.

Book 'n Save

            What would you be willing to pay to obtain new patients?  Advertising campaigns in newspaper ads and Google can cost a princely sum.  But a Book 'n Save promotional campaign is virtually risk-free when you already subscribe to DayClips appointment scheduling or if you choose a pay-for-performance and only pay for confirmed appointments.

            So, start a promotional campaign today.  Make the most of your website and get in front of potential patients.  We believe that your business should always have an active promotional campaign for website visitors to attract new patients and retain your loyal patients. A  Book 'n Save link on your website can be another key to your success.


Book 'n Save coupon

Book 'n Save



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