"Our website traffic greatly increased after implementing DayClips and the number of appointment nearly doubled after installing the DayClips scheduling widget on our Home page. Patients love using online appointment scheduling through our website. Patients tell us that online scheduling with DayClips makes us look high tech! One of the many unique features we find helpful is Missed Appointment Recapture. Patients who miss appointments are automatically reminded about their missed appointment. They are also provided an online method to reschedule their appointment. Patients appreciate that we care enough to remind them of their missed appointment. These patients use this feature to reschedule their missed appointment over 80% of the time.”

Optometrist, New York City

"DayClips has features that are ideal for my work as a consultant. New clients and existing clients book appointments online with DayClips. I am notified instantly when an appointment is booked. I don't need a monthly subscription-based service since I only have a few appointments on a regular basis.”

A. L.
Business Consultant, Seattle, Washington

"Office scheduling is a breeze for my staff since DayClips is intuitive and easy to learn. The features are ideally suited for professionals. The staff at DayClips have thought of everything I could ever desire from a time management program..”

Physician and Surgeon
Cleveland, Ohio

"Our internet presence with DayClips has been a real boost in our practice. We see new patients almost every day because of our listing with DayClips. This technology works beautifully.”

Medical Office Manager

"Need to remind someone of a meeting/appointment? My doc used the scheduling website http://www.DayClips.com.”

Christine Devine
News Anchor Fox 11 News, Los Angeles

"DayClips is leading the way for online appointment scheduling. Their management tools are fantastic. DayClips is great for scheduling appointments through a website or blog. The email and text communications are a huge help for small and large businesses..”

Felice Willat, Cofounder, Day Runner, Inc.
Los Angeles, California