Connecting Expert Witnesses and Attorneys

     Each year thousands of attorneys select expert witnesses to assist them.  Expert witnesses analyze cases for their merit and often provide reports and important testimony in deposition and trial.  With DayClips, qualified expert witnesses may obtain more clients and cases.

Here is how it works:

Enhanced search engine visibility
     Search engine visibility is hugely important for expert witnesses who rely on their online presence to obtain cases.  The free DayClips directory profile page attracts scores of attorneys who seek the services of an expert witness.  Your profile page is like having your website - your meaningful content showcases your qualifications and convinces visitors to utilize your services.  Persuasive content goes a long way towards building your online reputation.

Strategic marketing
     DayClips focuses on improving your market share in a competitive environment.  Our search optimizer utilizes bonafide techniques for attracting referrals and delivering results.

Conversion of website visitors into referrals
     An expert witness may have the most sophisticated website on the planet but it is ineffective if your web visitor does not contact you or make an appointment.  DayClips offers a scheduling widget that is simply pasted into your website.  Vistors click your "Schedule Consulation Now" link or menu of services to book their appointment.  Busy attorneys dislike phone tag and a definite appointment time to discuss their case is appreciated.

DayClips is real-time
     Appointment scheduling by "Appointment Request" is technology of the past.  DayClips provides real-time appointment capability.  Experts have the option of being notified instantly - either by text or email or both - of a new referral.

DayClips is affordable
     DayClips delivers value at reasonable cost.  Use the monthly subscription platform or simply pay for each confirmed appointment.  DayClips helps you connect with attorneys and other organizations who need your services.  Since 2007, DayClips has booked thousands of appointments.