Optometry Practice Enhancement with DayClips

     Optometrists who succeed in building great practices are those make efforts to provide quality care and deliver great service.  DayClips may help optometrists achieve success by increasing office efficiency and internet marketing.

     DayClips is an online appointment schedule system that enhances online presence and effectively manages appointment scheduling.  Even if your office accepts walk-in patients, it is very likely that patients find and research you through the internet.  Your website may serve as a great source of information for existing and potential patients, but advanced technology offered in the DayClips system may boost your levels of practice efficiency and profitability to previously unimagined levels.

     Patients seeking an appointment with an optometrist usually have a specific service in mind.  An optometrist who offers a service that is in line with what a patient is seeking is most likely to receive that appointment.  An open-ended appointment request by email or through scheduling programs will quickly become a ping-pong interchange and a chaotic hassle that can actually detract from your office efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Online appointment scheduling with DayClips can effectively schedule and manage appointments.  First, DayClips has a scheduling system that offers a menu of services.  Patients are happy to see that their specific needs are addressed by the type of appointment they schedule.  Second, DayClips automates your appointment confirmation and reminder process through text and emails.  DayClips also allows your patients to easily reschedule appointments without distracting your office staff from other tasks.  Third, patients are entered in your database list of patients.  Your database may be used to send recall notifications and marketing newsletters.

     Offering an elaborate website, great patient services, and a convenient locations certainly help in building a practice.  But using these resources to its maximum extent is where DayClips excels.  Visitors to your website are likely from existing patients who are curious about you and the way your office operates.  Potentially new patients may visit your website to determine if you are the optometrist who will meet their needs.  Does your office offer a reliable method of making an appointment?  DayClips has a Book Now button where an appointment can be made directly from your website, blog or social media page with just a few clicks.

     Notifying patients of an annual exam is an important function of the DayClips system.  Notifications are delivered by email and text.  No more expensive costs for printing and postage.  Just as important is notification to patients for pickup when contact lenses or glasses arrive from your vendor.  Gary Gerber, OD, a practice management consultant from New Jersey says, “Notifying patients should be tied to your practice’s mission of providing exemplary customer service.”

     Optometrists also use DayClips for the manner it handles appointments.  Service providers may easily keep track of reschedule appointments, appointments booked retroactively, and appointments with bad email addresses or bad cell phone numbers.  One of the great features is the recapture of missed appointments.  DayClips can send an email and text message to a patient who misses appointments that has a customized message offering to reschedule online.  Some practices report that over 80% of patients use this method to reschedule missed appointments.

     Finally, patients use the internet routinely for finding and researching almost any service, product, or doctor.  DayClips provides optometrists a viable platform for increasing their visibility on the internet.  For example, a search for a doctor in a particular location will often produce a DayClips page with a profile of a doctor engaged with DayClips.  From here a visitor has the potential of seeing reviews and background of the doctor.  Scheduling an appointment directly to the doctor’s office at times that are preselected by the doctors may be easily accomplished.

     Optometrists who take advantage of new technology are in a position to build busy and fulfilling practices.  DayClips is a great tool for creating an enjoyable and successful environment for you and your patients.