Security for DayClips

    Securing information is an important consideration for internet users and it is one of the important priorities for DayClips.  Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in online systems to retrieve personal data, photos, and credit card information.  It is important for DayClips users to implement basic measures to help protect themselves.  You can better protect your account at DayClips be following these guidelines:


Two-Step verification

     DayClips uses two-step verification registration process for added security.  This means that on registration you receive a special code to access your service.  After using this special code you may change your password and login information in the Settings section.  The two-step process may seem cumbersome, but it prevents hackers from intercepting your password and login information. 


Use discretion when inputting Information

     DayClips is only meant for transmitting appointment information.  Health-related information or sensitive data should not be included on messages transmitted through DayClips. 


Use a complex password

     Passwords like 123456 or Tommy1 are very vulnerable.  Hackers use algorithmic codes across the internet targeting users who try to get by with simple passwords.  The best passwords are not easily recognizable and are not dictionary words.  A mixture of upper and lower case letters with letters, numbers and symbols usually make the best passwords.  


Use different passwords for different accounts

     Passwords should be different for each internet account.  If a hacker steals a password and login information from, for example, your credit card account he or she may use the same information to access your DayClips account.  DayClips recommends that users employ a unique and complex login for their DayClips account. 


Changing passwords when needed

     If there is a chance that password information has been stolen or leaked, it is essential that your password and other login information be changed.  DayClips users may simple go to the Security section of DayClips to change this information. 


Password management

     Password management software is available to help you organize a variety of passwords for various internet accounts.  All that is needed is for you to remember the password you're your password management software.  1Password and LastPass are suitable choices for password management. 


Disable automatic backups

     Some cloud services have an automated backup as their default without informing you.  Hackers who constantly monitor the internet may easily target users who perform predictable backups.  DayClips offers a non-automated backup.  DayClips recommends that backups you create be maintained in a secure location that only you have access to.  This admonition applies to files stored on a physical hard drive or digital files stored in the cloud. 


     The golden caveat for users of DayClips and other web-based systems is that nothing on the internet is unhackable.  Although complete security on the internet is virtually unobtainable, using web-based systems that employ protective measures and applying simple security precautions is helpful in preventing hackers from implementing their nefarious deeds.