Yelp, Angie’s List and other Review Sites

     Yelp, Angie’s List and other sites provide reviews of businesses across America.  Their reviews may have a significant influence on the prospects of a business.  Over five million visitors visit Yelp each day and it posts over 39 million reviews.  Yelp is one of the most visited sites on the internet, primarily because accesses to its reviews are free.  On the other hand, Angie’s list and many other review services on the internet are subscription based.

     Internet review sites are taken very seriously by many businesses because positive reviews may contribute to the growth of a business and negative reviews can do significant damage.  Potential clients, customers and patients who find you on the internet will probably see your business listed with Yelp and Angie’s List on the first page of a Google search.  It is irresistibly easy for them to also check you out on the review sites simply because of curiosity.  Potential clients believe what other clients say about your business more than what you say about your business.


     Reviews of doctors are also taken seriously by the public.  According to an Internet-based survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 59% of respindents said that online doctor ratings were "somewhat important" or "very important" when choosing a physician.  Thirty-seven percent of respondents said that they avoided a physician with negative reviews.

     Another recent study from another source found that although was the most commonly used site, was the most trusted.  Since many patients interpret service as a reflection of quality of care, reviews that address degree of medical expertise are really based on the attention the patient received.

     Potential clients do not take into account objectivity or the reason for a review when judging a review.  For example, a disgruntled client because of a misunderstood experience may post a critical review that does not have any basis in reality.  A reviewer who is out to “save the world” may post dozens of negative reviews as their means of warning the public.  Negative reviews that arise for any reason, valid or invalid, can hurt your business.  Existing clients and potential clients will inevitably go to another service provider when coming across a negative review.

     When clients read about how much reviewers like your services and treatment, your business may grow by leaps and bounds.  Instead of “word of mouth” advertising, your business succeeds because of “word of mouse” communication.  In order to succeed on Yelp, you need at least 4.5 stars and 10 or more positive reviews.  You may also need a constant flow of positive reviews to keep your profile up to date.  Many internet sites are dedicated to building and maintaining the reputation of your business on the internet.  However, strategies that enhance your presence on Yelp and other internet reviews sites take money, time, and valuable resources.

     To win the game of internet reputation your business can begin with basic strategies that involve little investment of time and money.  Start by asking your current clients who are satisfied with your business or practice to post reviews on internet review sites.  Some review sites filter out valid reviews from unregistered reviewers, but many of these reviews can still be accessed on the filtered pages.  Yelp accepts as valid only those reviewers registered with their site who have posted at least six reviews for a variety of businesses. 

     Signing up with an appointment scheduling online directory such as DayClips may also help your standing on the internet.  When an existing or potential client searches for you on the internet, your profile on DayClips may be spotted before they see your listing on internet review sites.  In many instances, your DayClips listing may be on the top of the Google list.  While visiting DayClips, clients may research your background, credentials, and services provided by your office.  With only a limited amount of time to search, your listing on DayClips may be the only research time your clients need to make a decision about your business.  While on DayClips your clients or potential clients may also schedule their appointment with your office.

     Internet review sites are not going away anytime soon.  A positive presence on Yelp, Angie’s List and other internet review sites may give your business a boost.  But enhancing your presence on the internet can be easily accomplished through an online appointment scheduling directory.