Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling

     Online scheduling has become a convenient method for customers, clients and patients to schedule and manage their appointments.  The convenience of searching for a service or service provider and scheduling an appointment 24/7 has become a desirable way of booking appointments.  More and more businesses are using online scheduling to attract and retain business.  Websites, blogs, and social pages are increasingly turning visitors into appointments with the incorporation of immediate online appointment scheduling.

     Our team at DayClips is constantly asked about the benefits of online scheduling.  “Why should I start taking online appointments?” is a common question that we are asked to answer.  First, we let businesses know that setting up their account is incredibly easy.  In fact, DayClips offers to set up their accounts at no cost; all that we need is completion of a simple questionnaire to get businesses started.

     The advantages of online scheduling are numerous.  But if we had to highlight some of the important benefits, we would summarize with this list:

1)    Accessibility to make appointments.  The number of appointments a business loses by lunch breaks, hang-ups for lengthy phone-holds, and after-hours inaccessibility is shocking.  A recent study showed that many businesses lose almost as many appointments as they make because of inadequate appointment scheduling mechanisms.  Online accessibility 24 hours a day makes it easy for new and existing customers, clients, and patients to schedule appointments at their convenience.

     2)    Self-service scheduling.  Just think of how much time and effort an office staff spends on scheduling and managing appointments.  Much of their time could be better spent on other office tasks including collection and customer service.  An office staff would be able to devote more time to these essential tasks if more of your appointments are made online.

     3)    Reduced missed appointments.  DayClips send appointment reminders by email and text messaging.  Pre-appointment reminders area great way to reduce missed appointments.

     4)    Missed-appointment recapture.   Missed appointments are a part of any business.  Does your office staff spend extra time and effort tracking down individuals who have missed appointments?  Online appointment scheduling through DayClips greatly improves on handling missed appointments by sending a customized message that notifies the person who missed their appointment.  At the same time, that individual is offered a method to reschedule their appointment.

      5)    Database for marketing, tracking, and recall.   Online scheduling allows the service provider to compile a digital record of appointments.  Appointments made by clients, customers, and patients can easily be tracked and archived for documentation purposes.  A database can be used by a service provider to send timely recall notifications and bring business back to your office.

     6)    Integrated social pages.  DayClips combines social pages in your profile making them an indispensable aid to marketing your business.

     The features of comprehensive online scheduling offer many advantages to many businesses.  Time management is simplified and customer satisfaction is enhanced.  Website Book Now widgets and enhanced presence on the internet are compelling reasons to use online appointment scheduling.