Search Engine Optimization through DayClips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your websites visibility online. The goal of search engine optimization is to achieve a high ranking for your website when users search the internet.  Search engine optimization may help your website reach and maintain top rankings.  Ideally, your website should appear in the first three pages of a web search because potential customers, clients, and patients rarely go beyond the first three pages when searching for a service provider.

     Search engine optimization allows what it is known as organic seach where you do not pay to have your website displayed in an ad or artificially ranked by a search engine.  Organic search is often an effective way to attract clients or patients the lowest cost.  With organic search, you do not pay each time a user clicks on your listing.  With pay per click advertising, service providers pay each time a user clicks your listing on a search listing.

  • DayClips combines appointment scheduling with search engine optimization (SEO)

  • SEO increases your visibility on the internet

  • SEO drives visitors to your website

  • SEO is an important method of internet marketing


     Search engine optimization is regarded by many marketing experts as an important tool for internet marketing.  When done properly, search engine optimization helps service providers achieve high visibility on the internet.  DayClips uses proven methods for search engine visibility.  Many of the methods used by DayClips have been documented by experts from Google.

     DayClips provides a search-engine friendly format that spiders from search engines use to find and rank your site.  DayClips avoids many mistakes that ae commonly committed in an attempt to achieve high rankings.  Importantly, the proven methods employed by DayClips may help you maintain a high search engine ranking.

      DayClips improves your visibility on the internet by a variety of mechanisms.  The search page with your DayClips profile makes your listing relevant and well-cited.  Your accessibility is greater within the the DayClips system, and your business is enhanced when it is listed on a recognizable brand.  Importantly, your listing on DayClips improves vistor engagement in a meaningful way to attract qualified traffic.  Navigation and functionality is a huge part of search engine optimization that is emphasized by DayClips. 

     High search engine rankings make your site valuable because it attracts traffic.  New visitors may become clients and existing clients have greater familiarity with your office and services.  Marketing your business and gaining new clients is the lifeblood of most businesses.

     Search engine optimization and enhancement of your website by using DayClips may improve your bottom line, enhance client satisfaction, and result in greater revenue for your business.  Email us today for your free practice website evaluation.