Social Media Marketing with DayClips

     No doubt about it, social media marketing has become an important opportunity for growth for many businesses.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are several of over 50 social network platforms that you may use through DayClips to promote your business.  At DayClips we would like to provide a quick summary of how to use DayClips and the power of social media.

Book Now app

Book and Appointment

     Adding a Schedule Now or Book Now button to your business’s social media page facilitates appointments.  Facebook is an ideal place to introduce your business because Facebook is so widely-accepted by large segments of the population.  The DayClips Book Now button is incredibly easy to implement on your Facebook page.  Just go to the DayClips Settings page find the section for Website widgets.  Copy the Schedule Now button of your choice (or create your own through our proprietary system) and simply paste it on your social media page.


Menu of Services

Mebu of Services

      DayClips provides another exciting way to capture business through your social media page.  Go to the DayClips Settings section to copy and paste your menu of services on your social media page.  Consumers love to know what service to expect when they book an appointment.  Do you have prices you need to display in conjunction with your services?  No problem: DayClips gives you the option of posting services.  What about collecting deposits and payment up-front for services?  Again: no problem.  DayClips provides the financial information that allows you to collect up-front payments.


Social Media Page

     We have a few important suggestions about your social media page.  First, use your business logo as the primary cover photo on Facebook or any other social media page.  Add interesting content to encourage a following and fans who “Like” your page will retrieve your posts on their news feed.  Adding a visual element to your posts that include a link to your business through the DayClips scheduling page is another subtle way to promote your business without being overbearing.  The most successful posts are short, have informative content, and are accompanied by a visual to attract attention.


Service Provider Scheduling Page


     Take advantages of the many links offered by DayClips to recruit business from your social media page.  The Schedule Now or Book Now buttons, and the button for displaying your menu of services may do amazing things for your business.  DayClips has a special page known as the Service Provider Scheduling Page, as shown above.  A link to this page from your social media platform takes the visitor to a page that displays your qualifications, background, internet reviews, parking options for your business, and most importantly, your menu of services for scheduling appointments.  Use the variety of DayClips links and buttons to maximize the potential of securing appointments for your business.

Customer Reviews

     DayClips offers the service provider a wide number of review sites to choose.  Yelp, HealthGrades, Vitals, and Angie’s List are among thousands of review sites that may be displayed on your DayClips scheduling page.  Many service providers appreciate the opportunity to choose those review sites that are displayed in DayClips.  Many visitors will look no further than the reviews they see on DayClips.  The reviews on DayClips may be the only reviews that a visitor needs to see to book their appointment with your business.

     Promoting your reputation and business is an important part of DayClips.  DayClips strives to use social media to promote your business to enhance their connection with existing clients, patients, and customers, while helping to engage with potentially new clients, patients, and customers.