Book 'n Save for your Website, Blog, or Social Page

DayClips offers the Book 'n Save widget to encourage visitors to your website to make appointments! After signing up to DayClips just copy the widget code to your website to start the flow rolling!

Great Tips for Effective Online Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is the lifeline for many businesses. A potential client put on extended hold may not wait to schedule her appointment, and failure of your office to remind a patient about their upcoming appointment may result in lost revenue and bad feelings. An online system that works for you 24/7 may be the best way to go.

Testimonials to Market Your Practice

The use of testimonials as a marketing strategy by healthcare providers continues to grow and evolve. DayClips is used by many healthcare providers to display testimonials that have been aggregated by some of the most popular review sites on the internet. Service providers who use review sites on their DayClips scheduling page can instill insight and confidence that often lead to new appointments.

DayClips Advantages

DayClips offers a robust array of features that are practical and help your business grow. Text messaging and emails for appointment scheduling and management are a snap with DayClips.

DayClips Features

Key Advantages of DayClips: Appointment confirmations and reminders by email and text messaging, Bounceback notifications lets you know if your appointment messages are not getting through, Backup utility lets you backup your calendar as often as you like, Merge utility lets you combine duplicate accounts without losing data

Yelp, Angie’s List and other Review Sites

Yelp, Angie’s List and other sites provide reviews of businesses across America. Their reviews may have a significant influence on the prospects of a business. Over five million visitors visit Yelp each day and it posts over 39 million reviews. Yelp is one of the most visited sites on the internet, primarily because accesses to its reviews are free. On the other hand, Angie’s list and many other review services on the internet are subscription based.

Appointment Scheduling from your Website

Appointment scheduling from your website can do wonders for your office. Some of the best online appointment systems that provide scheduling from your website are absolutely useful,

Tips to Protect Data from Hackers

Hackers pervade the internet, searching for information that they use for illegal means. New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman advises, "As law enforcement pursues those who are responsible for these breaches, it is important that consumers remain vigilant. Taking a few key precautions can help you keep a step ahead of cybercriminals. Here are some key recommendations to help protect your account at DayClips.

Search Engine Optimization through DayClips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your websites visibility online. The goal of search engine optimization is to achieve a high ranking for your website when users search the internet. DayClips helps facilitate search engine optimization for your website with a variety of proven methods.

Social Media Marketing with DayClips

No doubt about it, social media marketing has become an important opportunity for growth for many businesses. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are several of over 50 social network platforms that you may use through DayClips to promote your business. At DayClips we would like to provide a quick summary of how to use DayClips and the power of social media.

DayClips HIPAA Compliance Statement

DayClips strives to follow procedural standards for maintaining integrity of data storage and information transfer. DayClips utilizes encryption (SSL), firewalls, and other advanced technologies such as logins, passwords, multiple access levels, timing log out, server security, regular backups, and strict internal policies, to comply with HIPAA regulations. Appropriate use of the DayClips system provides users a platform we believe is HIPAA compliant according to technological standards.

Benefits of Targeted Appointment Recall

Diligent patient recall is of vital importance at almost any time, but is especially relevant during a weak economy when the lifeblood of a practice depends on effective practice management. Increasing the number of patients that return for appointments with limited practice resources is not only important for maintaining practice volume, but is also necessary for proper follow-up care for patients who need careful monitoring to maintain their health.

Optometry Practice Enhancement with DayClips

DayClips is an online appointment schedule system that enhances online presence and effectively manages appointment scheduling. Even if your office accepts walk-in patients, it is very likely that patients find and research you through the internet. Your website may serve as a great source of information for existing and potential patients, but advanced technology offered in the DayClips system may boost your levels of practice efficiency and profitability to previously unimagined levels.

Money Talks – but Book ‘n Save brings Business to your office

DayClips uses Book ‘n Save to help you promote your business and attract new patients. Simply combine the Book ‘n Save button on your website with a description for a discount on a service or product and you of a service. With an appealing offer and an easy way to follow-through, visitors to your site may find your promotion irresistible and book their appointment before moving on to one of your competitors.

How to Use DayClips for Healthcare Marketing

DayClips is more than online scheduling. The typical patient in today’s healthcare environment seeks information about their current practitioners and finds new healthcare providers on the Internet. And DayClips may help healthcare practices engage with current and prospective patients using a wide variety of online strategies.

Security for DayClips

Securing information is an important consideration for internet users and it is one of the important priorities for DayClips. Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in online systems to retrieve personal data, photos, and credit card information. It is important for DayClips users to implement basic measures to help protect themselves. You can better protect your account at DayClips be following these guidelines.

Medical Liability for Missed Appointments

Missed appointments are inevitable for mist medical practices, but the method of addressing this type of scenario needs to be given careful attention. Medical providers who recognize and adequately address missed appointments will reduce their exposure to medical liability.

About DayClips and our Values

At DayClips we persevere to provide useful technology that facilitates profits for your business. We do that by enhancing your online presence and encouraging online appointments.

Protecting your Online Reputation

Reputation management is a rapidly growing industry. Review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List serve an increasingly important role for businesses and consumers. Experts say that a single negative comment can have lasting repercussions, from lack of business to career setbacks.

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling

The features of comprehensive online scheduling offer many advantages to many businesses. Time management is simplified and customer satisfaction is enhanced. Website Book Now widgets and enhanced presence on the internet are compelling reasons to use online appointment scheduling.

Setting up your Service Provider Account on DayClips

Signing up with DayClips and setting up your service provider account is a breeze. Once your account is setup, you will be able to schedule appointments in-person and online through your website or blog. Here’s how easy it can be.

The Top 5 Ways to get More Optometry Patients to your Practice

If you’re an optometrist or a marketing professional working for your client, you’re likely seeking cost effective ways to increase patient visits. Take the time and effort it takes to build on strategies described in this article and you are bound to reap many rewards as a busy optometrist.

Coupons for Dummies

Instructions for Using Coupons

Managing Online Reviews

Use your profile on DayClips to bolster a positive image. Your DayClips profile is especially helpful since it often ranks among the first few pages of an internet search for your name or practice.

Connecting Expert Witnesses and Attorneys

Each year thousands of attorneys select expert witnesses to assist them. Expert witnesses analyze cases for their merit and often provide reports and important testimony in deposition and trial. With DayClips, qualified expert witnesses may obtain more clients and cases.

Concierge Appointment Scheduling for Optometrists

Appointment scheduling from your website can do wonders for your office. DayClips provides linkig tools that transform website visitors and 'Appointment Requests' into real-time appointments. DayClips provides concierge scheduling to power your practice.

Concierge Appointment Scheduling for Ophthalmologists

Appointment scheduling from your website can do wonders for your office. DayClips provides linkig tools that transform website visitors and 'Appointment Requests' into real-time appointments. DayClips provides concierge scheduling to power your practice.

Concierge Appointment Scheduling for Dentists

Appointment scheduling from your website can do wonders for your office. DayClips provides linkig tools that transform website visitors and 'Appointment Requests' into real-time appointments. DayClips provides concierge scheduling to power your practice.